Right in front of the beach

Three steps to have your feet in the sand

The pleasure of staying right on the beach, is directly proportional to the quantity of smiles you’ll have on your face, without even realizing it, throughout your holiday.

First things first: waking up. When you open your window, the sea breeze greets you and the idea of freedom that only the sea can inspire tickles you right from the start. Breathe in and smile.

Going to the beach right after breakfast. Walk out of the Universal Hotel, down the three steps that lead you to the beach and take off your flip-flops. The sand is there, in front of you, soft and ready to sink your feet into it. Touch it and smile.

Getting back from the beach. Whether you are a creature of habit, who wants to sit at the table at noon, or a dawdler who loves staying on the sunbed until sunset, when you stay on the beach, time is never an issue. For lunch, you’ll get to the restaurant in a heartbeat, without having to suffer long walks in the summer heat; and in the evening, you’ll get to your room in a second, to take a shower and get ready for your summer night. Save time and smile.

Goodnight. From your room with a view, the sea is an extension of the space you are living in, the element that pampers your intimacy, on tiptoe, whispering. Fall asleep with the sweet sound of the waves and smile.