Safe holidays

We’ve reassessed every aspect of our hospitality, so as to ensure you a pleasant and safe experience during your stay, at any time. To us, being able to keep you safe and convey a peaceful environment to our Guests is essential.

We want you to experience a carefree and regenerating holiday, able to recharge your body and mind. For this reason, we developed a careful, attentive and customized service.

Safety and peace of mind come first

We thought about providing you a safe stay, since your arrival at the hotel, by offering you the chance to check in online from home a few days before your arrival. When you get here, after a warm welcome, ever-present smiles and a chat to get to know each other, you’ll receive the room access cards, which we ask you to keep at all times, during your entire stay.

All rooms are sanitized with an atomizer that sprays hydrogen peroxide, and this treatment will be periodically repeated during your stay.

During the day, our trusted staff will sanitize all contact points in common areas, and, for a greater peace of mind, we will sanitize all our environments at night, while you rest. Bed and table linen will be washed by the Pulilampo dry cleaning, which will adopt certified washing processes ensuring the highest microbiological quality standards.

Just like the previous years, bathroom linen and beach towels will be washed internally by our qualified staff, using specific and certified hydrogen peroxide- and peracetic acid-based products.

When you arrive, you’ll find your beach towels in your room, one for each guest; you can ask to change them after 3 days. In all common areas, you’ll find sanitizer dispensers and instructions on how to share these spaces.

Access to the dining hall will be staggered, and the spaces have been completely reorganized to ensure the correct social distancing, according to the law.

In order to ensure the broadest choice possible, we decided to keep the breakfast buffet, and reorganize the way it is accessed and used.

In particular, we’ve paid special attention to environmental impact, by choosing not to use single-serving containers, but rather to assist you in choosing your sweet and savoury options, by taking care of the service ourselves.

Lunch and dinner will be served at the table, as usual, while cold and warm vegetables, fruits and desserts will be served buffer style.

You can also choose to eat your meal directly at your beach umbrella at Bagno 11, or you can order your favourite cocktail via a simple WhatsApp message, and Lucio will serve it at your beach umbrella.

The beach will be organized with the beach umbrellas spaced out as required (12.50 sqm), and all sunbeds will be sanitized every morning.

The swimming pool and jacuzzi water will be treated (as usual) with chlorine – a sanitizing agent that helps keep the water clean and sanitized.

Entertainment for adults and children is guaranteed, even this year; even if the baby parking service will not be available after each meal, workshops, games in small groups and individual activities will be organized throughout the day.

This year too, the newspaper service is offered to all our Club Formula guests. You need to request it at your arrival, and you’ll receive it every morning at the reception, along with a warm GOOD MORNING.

Daniela and Eleonora will be available, as always, to provide indications and tips, to enjoy a serene experience, and let you live your holidays in the best way possible.